On Air:

Hey! I’m Jeremy. I grew up in Northwest Arkansas… Go Razorbacks! I’m the youngest of my siblings. That’s right, the baby and I’m proud of it! I’m also proud to be the fun uncle to some amazing kids. I love my family, friends and adventures. Music is a GIANT part of my life.

Thanks to radio, I’ve gotten to live in some pretty cool places. Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and now Maryland!

I was the mascot for my high school and a stint in college. Oh the stories I can tell from that experience… and the smells! Ready for some Suns Baseball!

I try to be a positive person, but I also like being realistic and blunt! I’m super easygoing and love to laugh. My humor can be a little dry. Hi, I’m a Scorpio!

I like cooking, trying new restaurants & bars (I’ve got a LOT to checkout) and going to shows/concerts! Did I say I like FOOD?! That’s usually the starting point of anything I plan. I’m a major foodie.

If you see me around town, stop and say hi! I can’t wait to meet you! Email me anytime or hit me up on the socials.


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